About me


I am Michael Peacock. I live in the Springfield, Missouri region, and I'm a designer. I began my design career as an architectural designer, creating spaces where I focused on how a space feels and how occupants interact with it in a way that enhances their everyday experience. Since then, I've taken on print and digital design completely, and transferred those same goals and thought processes to users and viewers.

I love challenging systems and precesses, always striving to achieve the perfect balance between quality and efficiency. Systems are my passion, whether they are found within the grids of a website or the master-pages of a publication. The best creatives undestand their constraints and just the right places to bend them.

People Who Inspire Me

Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011)

Steve Jobs was a force of nature, with incredible business acumen. In everything he did, he designed from end to end, always with the user in mind, with a flawless attention to detail. He singlehandedly transformed the world we live in by redefining what a company led by design looks like, not to mention the iPhone.

Bjarke Ingels (1974 - present)

Bjarke has been an inspiration to me since I first studied his work. He is a young Swiss architect with incredible conceptual design representation skills who doesn't take himself too seriously. He reimagines what communities look like when we think outside what we're familiar with, while maintaining a firm grasp on the reality of constraints

Jonathan Ive (1967 - present)

Another Apple guy. Yeah. But when I think of Ive, I think of all of the sleekness of Apple. He inspires me to think beyond the first solution, to continue to refine until perfect.

João Gilberto (1931 - present)

João was a Brazilian musician who created the Bossa Nova genre of music. He was perserverant through many struggles, & created a fusion of jazz & samba music. He and his wife partnered together to create a genre of music that persists to this day. He was recognized and collaborated with some of the greatest jazz mucisians of all time.

Mies Van Der Rohe (1886 - 1969)

Mies was an architect who transformed architecture through his philosophy of "less is more". He also understood that an architect must fully understand their materials (or tools) before they could begin designing. In our current digital age, too many people forget everything that takes place beyond the confines of a screen.

Pastor John Lindell

One of the most influential aspects of my life is my faith. John has been my pastor for over a decade, & the qualities I have seen in him since then never ceases to amaze me. He exhibits a constant vulnerability, sincerity and love that is so rarely found in leadership.


– Hi, my name is Michael Peacock. Nice to meet you.

Then you say,"Hey, my name is . Nice to meet you too."

– Do I know you from somewhere? Maybe we met at Jimmy's house the other night playing Settlers of Cataan. Actually, I'm kind of in a rush, but let me get your email and we can catch up.

Then you say,"Yeah, no problem! Do you have a pen? my email is . Hit me up whenever you get the chance."

– Absolutely! And if I don't get back to you soon, you can email me at But if you start spamming me, I will most definitely block your email.

Being the timely person that you are, you decide that there is no time like the present to send me that crucial message.