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michael peacock

I Am Michael Peacock

I live in the Springfield, Missouri region, and I'm a designer. I began my design career as an architectural designer, creating spaces where I focused on how a space feels and how occupants interact with it in a way that enhances their everyday experience. Since then, I've taken on print and digital design completely, and transferred those same goals and thought processes to users and viewers.

I love challenging systems and precesses, always striving to achieve the perfect balance between quality and efficiency. Systems are my passion, whether they are found within the grids of a website or the master-pages of a publication. The best creatives undestand their constraints and just the right places to bend them.


– Hi, my name is Michael Peacock. Nice to meet you.

Then you say,"Hey, my name is . Nice to meet you too."

– Do I know you from somewhere? Maybe we met at Jimmy’s house the other night playing Settlers of Cataan. Actually, I’m kind of in a rush, but let me get your email and we can catch up.

Then you say,"Yeah, no problem! Do you have a pen? my email is . Hit me up whenever you get the chance."

– Absolutely! And if I don’t get back to you soon, you can email me at, or you can just text me at (417) 631-5294. But if you start spamming me, I will most definitely block your number.

Being the timely person that you are, you decide that there is no time like the present and you get on your phone/tablet/computer and write me out that all-important email.